Model 892 Truck Tyre Changer
 Standard features:
Max.wheel diameter 2300mm
Handles wheels from 14"-56"
Max.wheel width 1100mm
Max.wheel weignt 2000Kg
Hydraulic pump motor 1.5KW
Operating pressure 0-130bar
Power suply 380V
Motor power 2.2/2.8KW,2-Speed Motor with CW and CCW
Net weignt 1200Kg
Noise <70dB
Packing outside dimension 230023001300(mm)
Technical Features:
All movement of the working parts are guided by the movable control platform, particularly suitable for handling truck wheel, farm wheels, bus wheels and industrial vehicle wheels between 14″and 56″with deep grooved rims,with ring. It is a ideal mechanized equipment for maintenance wheel, for it saves time and labor with high efficiency, which does not damage to the inside of the rubber wheel and rim.

◎Fullautomatic control working arm lift
◎Movable control platform
◎Working arm with rotation system
◎Five oil cylinders