885GT Tyre Changer
Technical features:

The combined NHT885GT is a unit integrated and automatic equipment, which is especially capable of handling stiff, wide and low-profile tyres. Two helper arms will save more time for you.

  • Vertical and horizontal arms with pneumatic dual locking device
  • Pole is tiltable
  • Complete with air reserve tank
  • Pneumatic bead breaker blade
  • Manometer for inflating pressure control equipped with deflating push button

Technical data:

Rim clamping from outside 14"-24"
Rim clamping from inside 16"-28"
Max. wheel diameter: 1200mm
Max. wheel width/turntable: 410mm
Max. wheel width/bead- breaker: 460mm
Bead-remover cylinder(force at 10 bar) 2500Kg
Operating pressure 8-10bar(145Psi)
Power supply 110/220V 1ph
380V 3ph
Motor power 0.75-1.1Kw
Noise <70dB


1. Crowbar 1
2.Brush 1
3. Washer For Duck Head 1set
4.Protector For Clamp 8
5. Protector For Crowbarl 1
6.Metal Duck Head 1
7.Gun Inflator 1
8.Manual 1
9.Reverse Switch 1/5set
10.Protector For Shovel 1