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Nova 2002.
'La Generalitat Valenciana' grants with the NOVA 2002 award of Environment

ISO 9001:2000
AENOR concedes the Registration Certificate of manufacturer and distributor of retread tyres enterprise.

Product's Quality Certificate, conceded by the Universitary Institute of Motor Research.

Ecologic Compromise
Finally, we are engaged with the enviroment, as per our opinion `recycling is the spirit of factory performance`

Accreditation granted by

E9 108R 00 2000
E9 109R 00 2001

ISO 14.000
Sistema de Gestión Ambiental

DOT Americano US Department of Transportation.
Cert¡ficate emitted by the Transport Department of the United States, which authorize the sales and distribution of INSA TURBO in U.S.A. and Canada.

Our tyres are reaching and superating the most strict national and internacional rules of quality, reliability and security. Developed with the most advanced technology, prepared human equipments and exhaustive internal quality controls, INSA TURBO tyres are one of the most prized internationally, guaranteed and contrasted with the following certificates:

Analysis laboratory for the rubber components: each rubber batch is carefully tested by our laboratory specialists.

 The INSA TURBO tyre pattern is made thanks to special presses at high pressure and temperature.

 The rubber used to make the pattern is made of special components designed for each tyre type, giving grip, performance and manoeuvrability

 The casing rubber undergoes the scraping process and is treated with special adhesives to stick perfectly to the tread`s rubber.

 The structure of the casing internal making remains intact in its original state, to give the same performance as during its first life.


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