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Quality control of the casing

The casing is an important part in the making of a good retreading, its is severely tested by highly sylled staff, the inside and the outside part of it being controlled carefully and INSA TURBO refuses 60% of all the daily rasing output.



Electronic scraping by computer of the car casing and truck casing.

High technology machinery, using scraping blades which are giving extra grip of the upper part of the tyre and a perfect balancing.




Truck and passenger car tyre vulcanized

Once the tyre has passed the gummed process, it is introduced in presses to get the following vulcanization.

Tracks position for winter tyres

In the most extreme conditions you could obtain an exceptional road-holding.




Home made rubber

TAll the rubber components that we use to make our tyres INSA TURBO are specially tested according to the highest quality standards, with which we are making our own raw material.